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What’s the problem?

The world of cybersecurity can be overwhelming. With so many attack vectors – and new methods appearing all the time – we all tend to encounter fragmented guidance that doesn’t provide the multi-layered, holistic protection we need.

As a result, it’s hard to get a reliable overview of what constitutes good security, let alone from a world-renowned, highly-trusted and highly-experienced source.

The 2018 Cybersecurity Guide was prepared by micro-virtualisation and application isolation specialists Bromium, with contributions from Nicolas Chaillan – a proven expert in public and private sector cybersecurity.

With the guide, you’ll be able to assess your current security against Chaillan’s 14 Core Capabilities, covering your network, the cloud, legacy threats, mobile devices, and your workforce. It’s one comprehensive and complete guide to securing your business. 

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The 14 essential pillars of an effective security architecture

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The 7 biggest challenges the cybersecurity industry is facing

How to prioritise your efforts and resources around what’s really important

How application isolation can play a key role in securing your network

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About Bromium

Protecting IP at the endpoint, Bromium provides game-changing virtualisation-based security that eliminates the need for detection and signature libraries. Instead, Bromium's micro-VMs isolate every activity, regardless of detection. As a result, even malware that finds its way onto an endpoint is unable to escape. To date, Bromium has deployed more than 2 billion micro-VMs - with no escapes reported.

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